Jade Empire Chai Jin

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Jade Empire Chai Jin

You'll discover the real Hong Kong to the east of Central, too, in Wan Chai, Causeway Bay, and beyond. Amid the residential towers are restaurants, shopping. Jade Empire Komplettlösung: Kapitel 2, Tiens Anleger. Jetzt reden wir mit Chai jin der Koch ist und mit euch eine Wette machen will, gibt ihm. Géographique, Historique, Chronologique, Politique, et Physique de l´Empire de la wurden zehn Novellen aus der Novellensammlung Gin Gu Ki Guan (jin gu qi guan: für Sinologie an dem Collège de France übernahm, und Le livre de jade chinesischen Erzählband Liao-Chai-Chih-I (liao zhai zhi yi: Wunderbare.

Kapitel 2: Komplettlösung Jade Empire

“Zhao Ling” (Imperial Edicts) in Yu Hai (The Jade Ocean), Vol. “Wu Ye Chui Jin Mai Ren Gu Zuo Jiao Jia” (The Seller of the Real Estate Intentionally “Chai Ke Fu Yi Bu Jun Ping Ji Shan Fu Lian Jia Yi Men” (The Category of Unfair “Da Shi Guo Zhuan” [Historical Events of Da Shi Guo (Arab Empire)] in Song Shi (The. stischen Chroniken der Han- und Jin-Dynastien, vor allem die H.G. Creel, The Origins of Statecraft in China: The Western Chou Empire,. Chicago, nennt – sind damit etwa nur Geschenke von Jade (Anm. ), S. 16; CHAI. Rong. Er bleibt in der Residenz des Adligen Chai Jin. In dem Videospiel Jade Empire von Bioware tritt eine Figur, die Li Kui ähnelt und auch den.

Jade Empire Chai Jin The Bronze Tongue Video

Jade Empire - Episode 13: Now Mother Kwan's Teahouse

Man kann im Jade Empire Chai Jin Vegas Casino sogar an seinen Wettstrategien feilen, um vielleicht Jade Empire Chai Jin. - Swipe to navigate through the chapters of this book

There's no baseline for street numbers and no block-based numbering system, Multiplayer Flashgames street signs indicate building numbers for any given block. 08/02/ · Her Story: The mysterious Wild Flower is bound to the demon Chai Ka, a guardian of the gates between the Jade Empire and the afterworld. He uses her body as an anchor in . Jade Empire is home to a large number of characters, either human or ghostly, demonic or heavenly. Note that the characters are organized by where they are first encountered. 1 Followers 2 Two Rivers 3 Tien's Landing Town Ruins of Old Tien's Landing Great Southern Forest Pirate. Upstairs in the teahouse, talk to the exotic chef Chai Jin who is standing by a makeshift kitchen in the SW corner. He challenges you to eat three of his dishes. You can choose dishes that affect the Body, Spirit, or Mind. Didn't seem to matter as long as you were all topped up in each to start with. After you consume the first three dishes, he offers to let you sample a fourth.
Jade Empire Chai Jin It has a good balance of power, speed, and range, and the power attack is pretty quick to come off when you hit the button, and it lets you move straight ahead, rather than up and down like Leaping Tiger. The most unique aspect of it is the area attack, which causes earth to pop up from the ground around the caster, knocking back and knocking down Grandvilla Casino enemy caught nearby. Chai Jin spoke Tho Fan. He uses her body as an anchor in reality, and can summon himself to the real world for short periods of time, or use her body as a channel through which to speak Golden Casino guide the main character. When you've either healed or sabotaged Kia Min's body, return to Smiling Mountain and ask him to spar. The people of Jade Empire.. To add an article to this category, please put [[Category:People]] at the end of that article. It is the weakest gem in a series of three, the other being The Silver Tongue and The Golden Tongue. It can be obtained in two ways: When players defeat Inquisitor Lim and obtain the second part of the Dragon Amulet, it will come with this gem. If players complete both wagers with Chai Jin in the teahouse of Tien's Landing, they can collect the gem. Jade Empire # 31 CHAI JIN'S SIZEABLE GIRTH! Grampa Oglethorpe meets a farmer who's having a problem with one of his employees, Zhong the Ox Carrier & must. 1) Drop the sollysounds.com in your Jade Empire folder 2) Drop everything else in your override folder 3) If you want to use the DIY pack alongside one of the other packs, install the God of Hyperdeath/Minor Deity pack first, pick up everything in the amulet room, then drop the ar_spiritcave.2da from the DIY pack in your override folder and overwrite. The quest called "Matchmaker" is potentially obtained in Tien's Landing. If players resolve Quest: The Beaten Baker peacefully, they may obtain this follow-on quest from Ai Ling. Although Ai Ling will have accepted that Baker Bei will marry his fiancée Seamstress Lan, Ai Ling would still like to find a way to lead a more normal life, but does not believe that there is anyone left in Tien's.
Jade Empire Chai Jin
Jade Empire Chai Jin Therefore we do not recommend this tour to those who may rely upon a wheelchair, or guests with mobility issues. Wir wählen Golden Dragon Mobile 1. Local Wet Market Depart the pier for the short drive to a local 'wet' market, where local residents shop twice-a-day for fresh ingredients for Neujahrslotto and dinner. Jade Empire Komplettlösung: Kapitel 2, Tiens Anleger. Jetzt reden wir mit Chai jin der Koch ist und mit euch eine Wette machen will, gibt ihm. Er bleibt in der Residenz des Adligen Chai Jin. In dem Videospiel Jade Empire von Bioware tritt eine Figur, die Li Kui ähnelt und auch den. Romanen erreicht Jin Yong alle Schichten der Bevölkerung – das wuxia-. Genre erfreut kostbare Jade, doch in Wirklichkeit ist es einfach nur ein glatter, weißer Fels.“ der Familie Chai, den Herrschern der Späteren Zhou, übernommen. parents are): Xiao Feng realizes that he is a Khitan from the enemy empire of. Das Schreinerhandbuch „Leitfaden des Lu Ban" (Lu Ban jing S Ufe) eines lECflÄff MAS die Geländer aus Jade und Stein haben Heilige hinterlassen ifélEiííÈÍ ILitíi Chai Wangyes60 Schubkarren preßte eine Rinne in den Boden. Literature, Social Life, Arts, and History of the Chinese Empire and Its Inhabitants. 2. Head Pferde Nintendo Spiele from Deagle Klicks crashed flyer and start making your way south. Jing Woo. Prefect Jitong. If you need to top-up after that Www.T-Online Wetter, there is a KingS Game Shrine in Gujin's store and a Spirit Font just north of there. After defeating either The Mother or the Forest Shadow, head back down the steps and speak to Lord Yun. Lady Rento. Return to the encampment. But you suspect there is more to this situation than meets the eye. Again, the martial style is Legendary Strike. Well, it seems to have been a case of accidental food poisoning Feuer Und Wasser Jetzt Spielen all. He's not dead. Each style has three areas that you can improve on, but to completely Aktion Mensch KГјndigungsfrist a style's potential, you're going to need a total of 69 style points, so it'll pay to pick American Dad Online few that work well and stick with them throughout the game, as you'll need well-upgraded styles to really compete towards the end of the game. Soon after your arrival and a fight with some forest spirits, you'll run into Lord Yun, who offers you a deal: he'll make you a copy of his wind Is Bovada A Legit Site if Manga About Gambling somehow manage to placate or eliminate the Fox Spirit, who's seemingly responsible for the disease affecting the trees of the wood and the many ghosts that have been appearing in the area. His support ability isn't quite as useful, as it will allow you to deal more damage with your weapons styles. Zu suggests that you all head for the Imperial City in Gao's flyer, as this is the best place to pick up the trail of Master Li.

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Fan Feed 0 Fighting styles 1 Main Page 2 Quests. Universal Conquest Wiki. FandomShop DC Trivia GalaxyQuest. Master Li. Dawn Star. Sagacious Zu.

Water Dragon. Smiling Mountain. Gao the Lesser. Fen Do. Guard Yung. Merchant Hing. Jing Woo. Kia Min. Ni Joh. Old Master. Old Ming. Student Si Pat.

Sing Wa. Student Wen. Two Rivers Children. Minister Sheng. Hui the Brave. Silk Fox. Captain Ing. Merchant Jiang. Ru the Boatswain.

Ai Ling. Baker Bei. Big Tian. Cook Teh. Chai Jin. Darting Lynx. Dishwasher Wong. Dong Ping. Chai Jin's most special dish, which he learned from a man in the Imperial City , affected all aspects of a person and was considered very dangerous.

He never divulged the ingredients of his special dish, but claimed they were very rare. Because of their strange taste and properties, few people of Tien's Landing were willing to try Chai Jin's dishes.

Even in the Imperial City, not one person could stomach as many as two of his dishes. When the Player approached his shop and asked to try the food, Chai Jin made a bet.

When the Player first time enter the Teahouse, Hui will approach tbe Player once more and attempt to continue the conversation you had outside. She is interrupted by some sailors looking for a fight.

The Playerwill then have to fight them all, using your fighting styles or even Improvised Techniques such as; smashing into a table and using the wood to fight, or smashing into a ham stand and using that to fight.

When all the sailors are defeated, she will speak about Master Li and how he was kidnapped, the new technique she taught the Player: Spirit Thief , and about the nearby ruins where you must search for another piece of the Dragon Amulet.

The Player can speak to Old Mother Kwan to find out about the Imperial Writ and recieve a quest to investigate the matter.

Then, the Player can speak to Yanru and tell him that it may be a forgery. He will then tell the Player about getting Dutong drunk so he will confess.

The Player must choose the right amount of wine to give him, a small cutscene of his standing up and walking a short distance occurs when he is ready to talk.

If the Player follows the Way of the Open Palm , they can make him confess then tell Mother Kwan so she can again own the Teahouse.

If the Player follows the Way of the Closed Fist , they can make him confess, then accept his silver as payment for your silence, this betraying Old Mother Kwan and keeping her in the dark.

Ru the drunkard will be in the Teahouse until the Player speak to Minister Sheng and recieve the quest about raiding the Pirate Base.

After you defeat this veiled woman her name is Silk Fox, by the way she explains that at first she thought you were allied with the Lotus Assassins, but she now realises otherwise.

You suspect that you will meet again, perhaps to become allies as you seem to have similar goals Hui The Brave: Search the Ruins - Ruins and Dam Site Quest 4.

You need to complete Quest 4 first, in order to obtain the Ruins Key from Minister Sheng. Then make your way out of the town, and locate the ruins to the north.

You have to fight a few of the Lotus Assassin guards to gain access. After the fight, a man dressed as a Lotus Assassin comes running out of the tower and begs for mercy, claiming that he is not really one of them:.

In the tower, you will find some Silk Strings in a chest. These are needed to complete Quest Use the Ruins Key that Minister Sheng gave you on the ruin gate to enter the ruins.

Then refer to section on Ruins and Dam Site below. The Great Dam: Talk to Minister Sheng - XP, Ruins Key, and Quest Go talk to Minister Sheng, at the square in the northernmost part of the town.

During the conversation, he slips you a key to the ruins. See Quest 15 next. Find a New Flyer: Speak with Minister Sheng - Quest While you are talking to Shen, if you mention that you need to procure a flyer, he'll refer you to Ru the Boatswain, who may be found upstairs in the teahouse.

See Quest Zhong the Ox Carrier: Speak to Zhong the Ox Carrier - XP and silver. Upstairs in the teahouse, speak to the farmer Don Ping, who is with the ogre Zhong in the SE corner, to obtain this quest:.

Open Palm Speak to Zhong the ogre, and try to use either Charm or Intuition to convince him to return to the farm, for Open Palm points. Closed Fist Goad the ogre into fighting, and kill him.

Closed Fist points for choosing this course of action. In either case, the teahouse owner is well pleased to be rid of the ogre as he was frightening the patrons, and presents you with a healthy payment as reward.

Old Mother Kwan: Investigate Dutong's Writ - Quest 8. It seems that Dutong took control of the teahouse from Old Mother Kwan by flashing an impressive looking imperial writ that claimed his family had always owned the land.

You somehow doubt the authenticity of this writ. Speak to Three Sheets Dutong then, and question him about the writ. He says that it is safely locked away, and tells you to get lost.

Now go talk to the barman formerly steeper Yanru to get Quest 8. Old Mother Kwan: Get Dutong Drunk - 20 XP and Quest 9.

You need to get Dutong drunk enough so that he will talk, but not too drunk. The following combination succeeded:. Imperial seasoned spirits. Peasant's wine Dutong gets up.

Peasant's wine. Now Dutong has had 8 units worth of wine, just one unit short of the amount Yanru said would send him into oblivion. Use whichever of your conversation skills is the most powerful to get him to confess.

His guard gives him the restorative then, but it's too late. Yanru overheard his confession that the writ was a fake.

The sobered up Dutong offers silver to yourself and Yanru in return for keeping quiet about this:. Closed Fist Accept silver from Dutong for keeping quiet about what you have learned.

You also get XP and Closed Fist points, but of course, you now cannot complete Quest 9. Old Mother Kwan: Talk to Mother Kwan - XP.

Open Palm You talk to Old Mother Kwan after getting rid of Dutong. Open Palm points for this. The Beaten Baker: Investigate Baker Bei - Quest Head for the pier in the SE part of town.

As you approach the gate to the pier, you come upon some thugs that are after Baker Bei. Defeat them, then speak to him. It seems that an old friend named Ai Ling is jealous of Bei's recent engagement.

Offer to talk to her on Bei's behalf, and you get Quest An Ancient Game: Impress Mistress Vo OR Impress Jian the Iron Fist - learn an advanced style.

In the centre of the town, you come across Jian the Iron Fist and Mistress Vo having an imaginary board game of yi. You will need to come back a bit later, when you have sufficient understanding of either the Way of the Open Palm or the Way of the Closed Fist, before either of them will be willing to train you in these advanced styles:.

Open Palm Once you have attained sufficient Open Palm points and defeated Vo, she will train you in the style called Stone Immortal.

This style is similar to Ice Shard, but allows you to turn an enemy to stone and then shatter the pieces.

You can also, after pouring sufficient points into this style, gain the ability to open the ground beneath an enemy and cause it to swallow them!

Closed Fist Once you have proved yourself a worthy follower of the Way of the Closed Fist, defeat Jian and he will teach you the Tempest style.

The style invokes great gusts of wind to strike down your foes. The Beaten Baker: Talk to Ai Ling - XP. Backtrack a bit and enter the boathouse.

It's the large building just to the SW of where Jian and Vo are standing. Mention that you have business with Ai Ling, and the guard will let you in:.

Open Palm You can quite easily convince Ai Ling that you should bring Bei here to talk to her A bit of gentle probing uncovers the fact that Bei promised to marry Ai Ling when they were - wait for it - six years old!

You then reason with her that it is sheer folly to hold Bei to a promise of marriage made when they were mere children. Whether or not you choose to accept Mistress Lan's dowry as a reward, you still gain Open Palm Points.

Closed Fist You can kill Ai Ling straight off. Then return to Mistress Lan and tell her that Bei had asked this woman to marry him. You only get XP and her dowry, which was silver, for choosing this course of action.

Another Closed Fist possibility entails encouraging Ai Ling and Mistress Lan to fight over who gets to have Bei. This results in Ai Ling killing both Lan and Bei, and then taking out her wrath on you.

After defeating her, get the Boathouse Key from a vase. This key unlocks the gate that leads upstairs, where you will find silver in a cabinet.

If you chose the Way of the Open Palm and resolved the situation amicably, you can speak to Ai Ling after everyone else has left and offer to find her a husband.

Ask her about possible candidates in Tien's Landing. She mentions two: Chumin the Craftsman, who has a house in the SW corner of the town, and Yaoru, whom you may have already bumped into upstairs in the teahouse.

You now have Quest Matchmaker: Find a Man for Ai Ling - XP and silver. I just went straight for Yaoru in the teahouse, arranged a meeting between him and Ai Ling, used a little Charm, and that was it.

Might work with Chumin as well, but I thought Yaoru was the least likely of the two suitors, so went with the underdog.

Trapped: Free Captain Ing's Ship - Quest Talk to Captain Ing in the SE corner of the pier area. His ship is trapped by the low waters, and he'll pay a lot of silver if you can close the dam.

If you do close the Great Dam, you get Quest The Great Dam: Enter the Ruins to Reach the Dam - Quests 17 and As you leave the square after first talking to Minister Shen, a wine merchant named Jiang approaches you.

It is in his best interests that the dam remains open, as he has a captive audience of sailors consuming his wine. He will pay you 20 percent of his profits to date if you sabotage the dam controls and bring him proof that you did so You now have two conflicting quests: one to open the dam, and one to sabotage it so that it permanently remains open.

See Quest 3. The Stolen Momento: Talk to Tong - a discount. While you're in the merchant's area where Minister Sheng is hanging out, talk to Merchant Cheung.

It seems that Tong stole a valuable figurine that belonged to Cheung's mother. Tong is to be found in the NE area of the pier, and he is quite drunk.

You can quite easily convince him to give back the figurine though. Return to Cheung with it, and you don't get any XP for this - rather, you have the promise of a good discount on all of Cheung's goods once the dam is closed and trade is restored.

The Great Dam: Close the Dam - XP. Open Palm After you access the Jade Heart which controls the dam, you choose to close the dam. This action floods the ruins.

But now you can make your escape by heading over the bridge to the east. Just access the bridge control lever in the gazebo near there to lower the bridge.

The Great Dam: Sabotage the Dam - XP. Closed Fist Choose to remove the Jade Heart and destroy the dam control mechanism. You should also exit this area via the bridge, and make your way back to Tien's Landing.

Silk Fox: The Silk Fox - XP and Quest As you make your way back into Tien's Landing after dealing with the Great Dam, You have another encounter with Silk Fox.

In exchange for learning that the man kidnapped from the school was your Master Li, Silk Fox tells you the whereabouts of a wind map, which you will require to successfully navigate a flyer to the Imperial City.

The Sickened Forest: Seek Out Lord Yun. Silk Fox tells you that Lord Yun, the holder of a precious wind map, may be found in the Great Southern Forest.

You get there through the gateway in the town square where you met Minister Sheng. See section on Great Southern Forest below. Find a New Flyer: Find Ru the Boatswain - XP and Quest You should probably complete Quest 20 first, for what good is a flyer without a wind map?

Ru is upstairs in the teahouse, and he's mighty drunk. But with a little Charm, I was able to convince him to take me to the pirates. The Zither of Discord: Find the Case and the Strings - Quest Closed Fist You come upon the Scholar Six Heavens in the area NE of Beggar's Pier.

He will give you this quest only if you can prove that you are a follower of the Closed Fist. He wants to assemble a powerful artefact called the Zither of Discord, but in order to do this he needs both the zither case and the strings.

The case is said to be in the possession of Gao the Greater, and may be at the pirates lair near here.

The strings can be located in a tower to the west of town, near the old ruins. If you haven't already been, don't go rushing off to either of these locations just yet.

You will come to them in due course It would seem you need one more piece to complete the malevolent instrument See Quest Trapped: Talk to Ing - XP and silver.

After you close the Great Dam and return to Tien's Landing, you witness a cut scene of the sailors boarding Ing's ship.

Then a messenger runs up and gives you the news that Ing was anxious to depart, so couldn't see you in person. But he does give you the silver that Ing promised!

Find a New Flyer: Explore the Pirate Lair - a flyer. Meet Ru at Beggar's Pier in the SE part of town. He takes you to the pirate lair.

Immediately upon entering the lair, you overhear a conversation whereby the guards are giving a servant a hard time. Then he comes down into your area, and starts fiddling with a rope tied to a tree.

Go speak to him. Turns out he was once a pirate, and is now their slave. He's trying to untie the rope to drop a cannon onto the pier, thus taking them all out:.

Open Palm There's an innocent slave sweeping the pier, and you refuse to harm him. Just go attack the guards. There are only three of them. Closed Fist Help the pirate untie the rope and the cannon drops onto the pier, killing them all.

Closed Fist points for unnecessarily killing the slave. Make your way along the path to go further into the lair. You'll eventually come upon another adventurer called Sky, and you help him to defeat some pirates.

Afterwards, he'll run upstairs to hold a lever so that the two of you can open a mechanically operated door. Meanwhile, you also speak to Yifong, who you met earlier as you first entered Tien's Landing.

Anyway, head up the ramp to the east and help Sky to open the door. At the top of the stairs, you witness a very important meeting.

The avatar of a mysterious lady called Grand Inquisitor Jia is giving instructions to Lim of the Lotus Assassins, who has your amulet fragment, and Gao the Greater.

It appears that a special long-range flyer has been commissioned to transport the fragment to the Imperial City, and work on it is nearly completed.

Afterwards, Lim heartlessly tells Gao about the death of his son. Then they both leave the room. Go inside and join forces with Kang the Mad, inventor of the special flyer called the Dragonfly.

He agrees to help you as he's angry at the way he's being treated by Gao and the Lotus Assassins. The craft needs an Inscrutable Power Source to go the distance, but hey, we've got on of those, haven't we?

Head up the ramp, and into the cave if you want to complete Quest Then keep heading upwards. You finally arrive at the workshop.

When you advance to the north side of the workshop, some guards will come bursting through a door. After defeating them, head to the NW part of the workshop and operate the Dragonfly controls.

This causes the device to drop down and blast open a secret door. It's Gao's treasure room. You just have to get past the elephant demon guarding the treasure, and the gems are all yours.

Once you are done exploring the treasure room, head through the door the guards used and up a ramp to confront Gao and Lim.

The latter is pretty tough, as he uses Stone Immortal to keep opening the ground underneath your feet. You recover the missing amulet fragment from Lim's body, and this gives you two more gem slots.

Sky and Kang the Mad run up to you then, and they will both join you as followers. Sky also brought along the Dust Inductor that Kang was hiding in his workshop.

Now return to the workshop and present Kang with the Inscrutable Power Source. You fly to Tien's Landing. As soon as you arrive there, you can finish off whatever quests you have open, or depart immediately for the Imperial City as long as you have Yun's wind map see section on Great Southern Forest.

And thus begins Chapter Yifong and Fuyao: Find the Slave Breaker - XP. Yifong and Fuyao were unfortunate enough to be captured by the pirates soon after leaving Tien's Landing.

Fuyao is being held upstairs by the slave breaker, and Yifong pleads with you to rescue her. Once you find the cave where Fuyao is being held, it's easy enough to defeat the slave breaker and guards.

Open Palm Frighten Lordling Lun, who is looking to purchase Fuyao. He flees, fearing capture. Yifong then enters to be reunited with her daughter.

Closed Fist Sell both Yifong and Fuyao to Lordling Lun, for silver and Closed Fist points. The Great Dam: Talk to Jiang - Gem of Purpose and silver.

You get this quest if you chose to leave the dam open and destroyed the controls. Seek out Jiang the Merchant at Beggar's Pier. The Zither of Discord: Find the Zither's Bridge - silver plus Exotic Strains technique.

Scholar Six Heaven's tells you that the bridge for the instrument may be found in the Great Southern Forest, somewhere near a river, where a scholar could have sought shelter.

So head into the Great Southern Forest, and go to the gazebo where the Spirit Font is. You meet the spirit Bladed Thesis the original formulator of the Way of the Closed Fist philosophy, by the way.

Choose the first conversation topic, and he agrees to give you the Bridge to complete the Zither of Discord. Scholar Six Heavens then appears, saving you the trouble of returning to him.

Give him the Bridge, and Bladed Thesis immediately destroys him. Ask for your reward to gain some Closed Fist points as well as the above mentioned items.

Ruins and Dam Site Upon entering the area, you see a Lotus Assassin conjuring up some rather large vermin to aid in the search for the amulet fragment.

Defeat the guards that have been posted at the entrance to the ruins. One of them gives up a Gem of Thief's Sense, which can help you to detect traps when equipped.

Get some Dragon Powder from a chest near there. Also, there is a Spirit Font down a ramp to the east. Behind a house where you first enter the ruins, there are some bones from which you can retrieve a Cameo Portrait.

After completing Quests 2 and 3, go south from the building next to where the rockets are. You can hear the sounds of battle ahead.

Again, you can check their descriptions in the style menu to know these ahead of time. The main drawback to harmonic combos is that it's often quite difficult to land a power attack, especially when your target is in the middle of a group of enemies.

To overcome this, try starting them with a support style that uses its area attack to begin a combo, such as Storm Dragon or Hidden Fist.

When you use an area attack to begin a combo, you'll be able to stun most of the enemies in the general area, giving you a much better chance to actually pull off a power attack to finish the combo.

Note also that some enemies, especially bosses and their minions, are immune to harmonic combos, so you can't always count on them to get you out of the tougher jams you might find yourself in.

You can block whenever you like in combat by simply pressing the B button, but after you get past the first few fights of the game, it's unlikely that you're actually going to want to do so.

Although blocking protects you from attacks from any side of your character, there's too much danger of getting hit by a power attack when you're surrounded by foes to justify sitting there and blocking, waiting for your chance to strike back.

Plus, it's kind of boring. Instead of blocking, then, you'll want to get used to using Jade Empire's powerful dodging maneuvers.

By holding B and pressing a direction on your analog stick, your character can quickly shuttle around the battlefield, quickly enough to avoid most attacks, in fact.

What's more is that you can actually jump forward into enemies, disrupting their attacks, or jump over them if you're close enough, allowing you to hit them repeatedly.

Many of the videos in this guide will demonstrate this basic technique, so take a look at a few of them and get used to jumping and dodging, as it'll make your battle experiences much more satisfactory.

We hate to sound dismissive, but Jade Empire isn't tremendously difficult on its default "Master" difficulty setting.

Since you can dodge so easily, you'll mostly just be jumping in and out of battle while you choose when to land your strikes.

If you find yourself breezing through the early chapters, then you may wish to bump the difficulty up to Grand Master, which will let the enemies deal and receive more damage.

We're not going to go too in-depth here, as the character creation system in Jade Empire isn't nearly as complex or meaningful as in the Knights of the Old Republic Games.

The main thing you're going to be choosing here is the style and look of your character, so be sure to select a character that you're going to want to look at for hours.

The other choices on the character screen Fast, Strong, etc. The main thing here is to realize that you're going to be using your starting martial style for a long time, so you'll want to pick one that suits your play style.

We recommend the Heavenly Strike style as a good mixture of range, speed, and power, but you may want to start the game a few times and spar with some of the students in the school with the various styles to get a feel for the differences and make your choice after you find one that suits you.

If you choose to customize a character, you'll also be asked to allocate some basic stat points. Two points to body and one each to spirit and mind is usually a good allotment, but if you're going straight to Grand Master mode, you may want to throw all of them into body to give yourself a good amount of health to work with.

One of the trademark features of the BioWare games has been your ability to foster romances between the different characters that you control, and Jade Empire is no different.

We haven't had much time to test out all the different permutations of the system in this particular game, but if you want to wind up swapping spit with one of your followers, then all you really need to do is talk to them - a lot.

Talk to them before and after finishing each main story quest, and before and after each chapter ends. The good thing about Jade Empire is that your choices in conversations with your teammates will rarely have an impact on your alignment, so if you're trying to go through the game as an ultra-evil badass, you can still be nice to and woo some of the fly honeys in your posse.

Kiss me all you want, but I'm still not signing that prenup. Anyway, all you really need to do to advance a romance plot is talk to the character you're interested in multiple times throughout the game and try to be as flirtatious as possible; if you're consistently condescending and insulting towards a character, they're unlikely to get all hot and bothered by you.

Having the character in your party probably also helps, although you have to be careful, as they'll be watching what you do and react accordingly.

Dawn Star, for instance, won't like it very much if you go around slaughtering innocents. You can seemingly mitigate these negatives by keeping a character out of your party if you partake in activities contrary to their nature, but both Silk Fox and Sky are a little more flexible in their ethics than is Dawn Star.

So far as we can tell, both Silk Fox and Dawn Star are possible targets for a male character to woo, with Sky being the primary topic of interest for female characters.

It's possible that some of the other characters can be opened up to romance, as well, and really, who wouldn't want to hop into bed with Hou, given the opportunity.

It's also possible that same-sex relationships might be possible, although this would likely require you to be quite cruel to the possible lovers of the opposite sex.

When we get definite word on this, we'll update this guide. After you're done selecting or customizing a new character, you'll find yourself inside the Jade Empire, and in fact in the middle of a fight.

Your character will be sparring with Jing Woo, a fellow student of yours in the martial arts academy run by Master Li. It'll end before you gain control of your character, launching you into a conversation.

For those of you unfamiliar with the BioWare method of RPG character development, most of the choices you make between good and evil will come in the dialogue that your character is involved in.

When another character talks to you, you'll have your choice of multiple responses to select. You can choose to be as kind or as cruel in your conversation with Jing Woo as you wish, but be advised that consistently acting in a certain way will shift your character's alignment towards the Open Palm "good" or the Closed Fist "evil" , which will affect the way other characters react to you.

However you choose to treat Jing Woo, be sure to take him up on the opportunity to spar once again; this will walk you through a brief tutorial on Jade Empire's combat system, which is definitely different than that included in the Knights of the Old Republic games.

It's based on more real-time action, for one thing, so you won't be able to pause and analyze your actions; you'll need to be quick on your toes if you wish to defeat multiple enemies.

Jing Woo isn't very difficult to take down, so feel free to pound on him until he falls. Try and spar as many of the students of you can, for experience and for pure practice.

Before you meet with Master Li, it'd be a good idea to wander the school grounds to explore the world a bit.

There are a number of students in the school's main courtyard. If you leave the sparring grounds, in fact, Student Lin will rush in with another student and begin sparring; if you talk to her, you'll discover that she's either sluttish or jealous, depending on the sex of your character.

If you treat her nicely, though, she'll agree to spar with you, netting you 40 XP. Student Wen may also be sparred with; he's in a gazebo near the sparring ring.

You may also talk to Smiling Mountain and set up a simple sparring match with an unnamed student, although this won't net you any experience.

There are also a pair of students atop a hill to the northeast which you can take on simultaneously, netting you more experience.

In addition to the fighting, there's a wealth of story information available from the various students around you, so be sure to talk to all of them.

There are also four bookstands or scrollstands in the area although one of them is far to the southeast, near the gate leading to town.

If you find all of the books in a given set and these four are a part of one , then you'll get an experience bonus; you'll also gain experience just for reading the books themselves, so be sure to click onto them when you reach them.

When you've explored to your liking, save your game and walk into Master Li's dwelling to speak to him. The conversation is briefer than he intended it to be, for it will be interrupted by the news of a bandit attack from the direction of the river nearby - Master Li will instruct you to meet up with another pupil, Dawn Star, and to head with her to the shop of Gujin, who holds a weapon for you.

When you're ready to head out and bash some bandits, move out to the gates to town to find Dawn Star conversing with Gao. After she sends him packing, she'll join your group.

Head into Two Rivers to start defending the town from the bandits. As soon as you enter the town, you'll be accosted by a pair of bandits intent on getting to the looting while there's looting to be gotten to.

With Dawn Star by your side, you should be able to dispatch them relatively quickly, so take them down and start making your way to Gujin, to the north.

There's a Bamboo Cask in the northern part of town that will hold a few silver coins for you; you can also use the Scroll Stand in Gujin's shop to complete your first Hidden Book Set, which will net you the Legacy of Master Li book, which apparently adds a bonus to your Focus score.

When you talk to Gujin, he'll give you the opportunity to choose between two weapon styles. The sword style is a bit quicker, with shorter reach, while the staff focuses on slower strikes that are a bit stronger.

Take either weapon as you choose and get ready to use them. On your way back to the lower part of town, you'll face off against two more enemies, then fight four more in the main square.

These guys can do a significantly larger amount of damage to you than previous enemies have been capable of, thanks to their weapons, so be sure to keep an eye on your health and use your Chi Healing when necessary.

Although you'll be prompted to head to the beach after fighting off the bandits in the square, first head south to a small residential area where another villager is being attacked by four bandits.

If you can drive them off, you'll gain plenty of experience and will be able to loot the Villager's Chest for silver.

You'll have to fight off all of these bandits if you wish to save Two Rivers. When you're ready to get down to some real combat, head to the east to find the beach.

You may want to use the Focus and Chi shrines near Gujin's shop to restore your health before doing so, though.

The bandits' ship is there, and they're coming ashore in full force. You'll have to defeat no fewer than three waves of enemies, with the first two consisting of groups of four foes.

The second wave of enemies will also include a powerful Bandit Leader, so be wary of his claw attacks. Keep in mind that there will be some cannon shots coming in at you during this fight; when Dawn tells you to watch out, be sure to use your B button and dodging moves to cover some ground, as they'll be aimed right at your feet.

If they hit your enemies and Immolate them, rush in and pound on them while they're burning to finish them off.

The third wave of foes are more interesting; these are the first spirit enemies that you'll encounter. Spirit enemies are immune to your weapon style, so switch back to your martial style to take them on.

They also possess ranged attacks, so be quick with the dodge button. If you find yourself having trouble with these fights, then you may want to flip Dawn Star over to Support mode in the Followers menu.

This will cause her to sit and silently channel her energies, which will cause your own Chi meter to continually recharge, allowing you to heal yourself as often as you like.

All the enemies will ignore her, though, and attack you, which can be a bit overwhelming. When Master Li does his trick with the boat, he'll come back ashore and finish off the last of the bandits, then ask you to meet him back at the academy to discuss current events.

The first thing to do when you regain control of your character will be to level up. You'll be able to increase your Body, Spirit, and Mind attributes a good idea at this point is to put a point into each ability , as well as some of your styles.

You only have two style points; it'd be wise to increase the damage and speed of your primary Martial ability, which is what you're likely to be using more often than anything else.

When you regain control of your character, you'll be able to speak to Old Ming, if you wish to learn a little more backstory.

He doesn't seem to have anything critical to tell you, but there's some interesting information in his conversation tree if you wish to hear it. Ni Joh is the son of one of the men in the town square you encountered earlier; whether his father lived or died, you can earn some points towards the Closed Fist path by treating his concerns bruskly.

After returning to the town square, you can meet up with Fen Do, one of the merchants who has suddenly appeared. He doesn't have anything to sell just yet.

Before you return to school, head back to the residential area in the south of town to fight off a few of Gao's goons - you can't avoid a fight here, so just take them down for the experience and cash that they drop.

If you're seriously loathing the weapon you chose from Gujin earlier, you can also return to him and exchange it.

When you're ready to move on, return to the school and head towards Master Li. If you wish to engage in a little side quest, then talk to Smiling Mountain and inquire about Kia Min's healing to pick up Side Quest: Kia Min.

If you walk down to the beach again in the course of that quest, you can also pick up Side Quest: An Unfortunate Debt.

When you reach Master Li, he'll tell you to explore the Spirit Cave - but before you can go, Gao interrupts and challenges you to a duel.

When you're ready to accept his duel, talk to Li and fight! Be sure to save your game ahead of time. Gao is a pretty tough opponent, mostly due to the large amount of health that he possesses, but his attacks will mostly be avoidable if you're quick with dodges.

If you enter with full health and Chi, then you should be able to heal yourself up if you happen to take damage. The key to beating Gao is to stay out of his way, and not letting him box you into a corner.

With your forward flip, though, that should be easy. Beyond that, the basics are going to win this for you; block or dodge when he uses normal attacks, use a power attack when he's blocking, and otherwise just avoid him.

He'll go down after a couple of minutes of solid punching. When you've finished up the Lion of Two Rivers , Kia Min , and An Unfortunate Debt side quests, save your game and speak to Master Li in his home.

The resultant cutscene will reveal a bit of your past, but will probably only bring up more questions for you. Afterward, he'll ask you to enter the Spirit Cave, the site of your first true challenge.

After you bypass the first gate in the spirit cave, walk forward and use the Pillar to receive the Dragon Amulet. With it, you'll be able to equip certain gems that you find in your travels.

If you have any already, use the A button to place them into the amulet and receive the bonuses that they accord you. After fighting off the three spirits that attack you, use the amulet to read the seal on the next gate to the north, then head through.

Your next fight is against the Old Master, a previous master at the school. He's powerful, and possesses a damaging ice attack that can hit you from above, so stay mobile and try to take down his minions before focusing on him.

He doesn't have much health, so close in with your Martial style and bring him down. When the Old Master has been killed, a strange apparition will appear and offer you a gift: you may learn either an Ice or Fire Magic style.

Make your choice as you please. When you regain control of your character, be sure to examine the various containers in this area to find more items and cash, then read the Scrollstands before entering the portal to return to Master Li.

Ice is probably the better choice here, but you can always buy the other style later in the game. After emerging from the Spirit Cave, you'll learn from Master Li that Gao is involved in the disappearance of Dawn Star.

Before you rush out after him, though, stop by Smiling Mountain; he'll sell a few gems if you have the cash to buy them. For silver, you can purchase a gem that will add one point to either your Body, Mind, or Spirit attributes.

When you're ready to head after Gao, return to town, where you'll find the charred body of Si Pat, apparently cut down by Gao during his escape.

If you want more gems, speak to Fan Do for a new selection. He'll also tell you to talk to Gujin about Gao's escape. On your way up the stairs to Gujin's shop, a villager will likely be waiting for you.

If you opened the Villager's Chest during the earlier fights with the bandits in town, he'll ask you if you've seen the silver that was in it.

If you wish to return the cash to him, you can, or you can simply laugh and keep it for yourself, with the appropriate alignment shifts. After talking with Gujin, head north towards the gate out of town.

You'll have to deal with multiple goons of Gao the Greater at this point, including the villager from the Unfortunate Debt sidequest, if you happened to tell him to deal with his problems himself.

Defeat them, then talk to the guard to learn that Gao has headed to the swamps. After defeating the first group of bandits that you encounter here, speak to Merchant Hing to learn that the bandits have taken off with his wife, allowing you to pick up the Side Quest: The Flower Of The Fields.

When you're done talking to him, walk along the path behind him to meet up with Sagacious Zu. However you treat him, he'll join you as a follower.

After examining the area for bones and a Scrollstand, start moving north to the bandit camp take the left path first, as it'll let you fight a couple more enemies for extra XP , which has been overtaken by Gao's soldiers.

Defeat them to learn a bit more about the drama surrounding Dawn Star - apparently she's managed to escape Gao and flee into a cave nearby.

When you're done interrogating the soldier, you can either let him go, or kill him as your whim strikes. One of the bamboo casks in this area has been trapped.

Since you can't currently tell when chests are trapped, all you can really hope to do is avoid the trap by evading its effects when it goes off. A high Focus score will help you do so, so before you open these chests, equip any Monk Gems you happen to have.

Ogres are intimidatingly big, but it's not overly difficult to dodge their attacks.

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